Solutions for financial companies

For more than 25 years, we have been successfully implementing both universal and individual software solutions for our clients in the field of automation of the banking sector, the financial services market, and software development outsourcing.

Changes in legal requirements for non-bank participants in the financial services market and the transition of financial companies under the regulation of the NBU increase the requirements for their automation systems. We offer non-banking financial organizations a whole range of software products. Our solutions allow you to quickly bring your company's activities in line with the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine and new legislation. Our company will also provide further support and follow-up of changes in the requirements of legislation and regulators. We also offer our systems as cloud solutions that do not require a server platform and maintenance personnel from the company.

Software products we offer on the basis of a single technological platform of our company:

  • Maintaining a client profile, including an extended identification questionnaire according to the financial monitoring rules
  • Ready-made solutions for organizing a product back office
  • Automation of client business processes
  • Storing electronic copies of documents in a database of any types, including those using certified digital signatures
  • Maintaining current and deposit accounts of clients
  • Preliminary work with candidates and loan applications. Decision-making system (DMS)
  • Lending activities and all types of derivative financial instruments
  • Cash operations, without opening an account: currency exchange, money transfers, utility and targeted payments, pawnshop operations
  • Conducting business operations, incl. in the IRFS16 standard
  • Management accounting and budgeting of business operations of the company
  • Calculation and formation of reserves for risky operations, incl. IRFS9 standard
  • Calculation of interest and commissions according to any algorithms
  • Maintaining schedules for customer contracts, calculating the effective rate
  • Performing routine operations that implement the full operational cycle of financial accounting (accruals, distribution of funds, procedures for closing and opening operating periods)
  • Supply of ready-made solutions and development of individual Web services
  • Building corporate Web Front End systems
  • Conducting information exchange with the company's ERP system and client-bank and Internet banking systems to display the consolidated turnover on the company's accounts and make external incoming and outgoing payments on transactions with clients.