Mobile Application Development

Our solutions are based on the Oracle Mobile Suite, an integrated solution designed to accelerate the development and deployment of mobile applications for mobile platforms that works with various enterprise systems.

Oracle Mobile Suite (part of the Oracle Mobile Platform) includes the new Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) as well as a new version of the Oracle Service Bus optimized for mobile integration, including native support for REST/JSON APIs. These enhancements allow us to accelerate the release of new applications running on a variety of mobile devices with access to corporate, cloud, and third-party mobile services.

Oracle Mobile Suite includes everything you need to develop and distribute enterprise systems to mobile phones and tablet devices.

The new Oracle Mobile Application Framework offers simple transfer into the world of mobile applications using Java and JavaScript with a pre-built set of tools. By integrating the entire mobile application development environment, we can quickly release mobile applications for our customers.

The new Oracle MAF development environment simplifies the development of applications for mobile devices, offering the following options: an integrated development environment - Oracle JDeveloper or Eclipse (using the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse), and development languages - Java, JavaScript or HTML5.

Over 80 out-of-the-box user interface components that enable developers to create mobile application interfaces with data visualization capabilities, reducing the need for low-level HTML5 programming.

Support for Apache Cordova plugins - which allows developers to use specific mobile device features for various operating systems.

Declarative creation of user interface components - offering extensive reuse of components in application development and template creation for user interfaces.

Advanced Customization - allowing our developers to customize and modify pre-built mobile applications

Native integration with Oracle Mobile Security Suite provides enhanced support for application containerization, enhanced authentication and authorization and integration with social media accounts.

Updates to Oracle Service Bus include: Unified Development Environment in Oracle JDeveloper - Enables both building external applications and integrating applications with internal systems using a wizard-based approach to expose internal systems as REST/JSON APIs.

Built-in distributed in-memory caching enables overloaded internal systems to scale to handle growing traffic from mobile applications, reducing overall latency and ultimately improving the end user experience; a large set of adapters for applications in corporate environments.