Solutions for banks

Our software products are a reliable technological foundation and a tool for the effective development of the bank's business.

SrBank CBS is a modern, full-featured, high-performance system for comprehensive business process automation in a bank of any size. The system is presented on the banking information technology market by the 10th generation of its software products.

The SrBank CBS uses solutions by Oracle, a recognized world leader in the field of data processing and storage, as an external data management and storage system. We develop and modify our software products regarding the latest innovations in the development of the technological stack of tools presented by Oracle.

The software products of our company are licensed by the National Bank of Ukraine and meet all the requirements for information banking systems.

Our company provides a full range of services for the integrated automation of the activities of banking institutions, including:

  • Granting licenses for the operation of our company's software products
  • Carrying out implementation of ABS and additional subsystems in the bank, putting them into trial operation and commissioning
  • Providing information and training services to bank personnel, for effective operation of the company's software products
  • Providing all types of licenses for Oracle software, technical support extension for Oracle software products
  • Modification of software products to meet business requirements of our customers. Creation of an individual version of the software product
  • Software maintenance during the entire operation period.

The system can be supplied to the bank as a "boxed" solution, or it can be customized to the individual characteristics of the business processes of a particular bank, offering the entire set of constructors and stack of technological tools. In the future, all settings can be easily adapted by the bank without contacting the developer. The bank can determine the percentage of services for outsourcing the functions of maintaining the system of our company for itself.

SrBank CBS is a system with an integrated card back-office and connectors to various manufacturers, maintaining the system operation 24/7.

The sales policy provides for the supply of the SrBank CBS system as an Unlimited User License.

The SrBank CBS is represented by two main levels in the system implementation, the first part is responsible for front-office customer service and organization of digital sales channels, the second part is a set of tasks for back-office service, with the implementation of multi-threaded regulations, the formation of XML reporting to regulators, and financial monitoring, risk analysis, limit control, etc.

All functional components of the SrBank CBS operate as part of a single core of the SrCoreSystem and are built on the SrFTP modern technological platform. Due to this system architecture, all functional modules have a unified approach to implementation, both at the level of setting up and executing business processes, and at the level of the user interface.