Development of WEB applications for business

One of the main success criteria of modern systems for the development, implementation and maintenance of 7/24 corporate WEB applications is a combination of several factors:

  • reducing the cost and timing of creating;
  • shifting the focus from application development to its customization
  • the ability to customize the entire life cycle of a business process, with customization of all visual forms of the application.
  • ability to make changes at run time.

The combination of these factors leads not only to a cost reduction for developing and subsequent maintenance of a software product, but also to a real reduction in development time. The chain of interaction between Business -> Business Analyst -> Software Developers is also greatly simplified.

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Prerequisites for creation
  • Request from Soft Review clients to create a new or alternative user interface for a number of products;
  • The need for rapid turnkey implementation of business process automation tasks, including for financial companies;
  • The need to reduce the high complexity, cost and timing of the cycle from development to implementation of classic WEB applications;
  • 24/7 mode support, i.e. the need to influence the logic and appearance of WEB applications during their operation without the need to stop it;
  • Availability of Soft Review preliminary developments on the software visual design in Desktop applications;
  • The presence of a single Soft Review unified mechanism, at the database level, for setting up and automating financial workflow with elements of the BPM system.
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Goals and objectives
  • Concentrating efforts on business logic implementation instead of technological process of application development;
  • Automating the full development cycle, within a single software package, for all application levels: database -> application server -> user interface;
  • Simplifying and visualizing the processes of task setting, developing presentation logic, business logic, testing, debugging and implementation;
  • Quickly training developers without deep knowledge of WEB technologies;
  • Creating complex validation logic, reducing the developer's qualification requirements to the level of basic knowledge of PL/SQL, Groovy languages and understanding of the technology platform metadata structure;
  • Reducing the cost of system replication, scaling, maintenance and administration;
  • Implementing 24/7 operation with the ability to install and update applications in real time, without the need to stop the system
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Application development cycle in SrWebExpress

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Composition of service applications

SrWebExpress IDE – WEB application development environment

Web application design environment. Based on metadata.

Allows you to declaratively design program modules, menus, screen forms, reports and configure the executive program code for predefined events using a library of ready-made components for working with data and displaying them in the SrWebFramework environment.

SrUniDoc Admin – configuring the core of objects and business processes

Allows you to type and configure the structure and properties of the parameters of accounting objects.
And also set up operations, reports, statuses, routes of business processes for them. It is based on the Oracle DB data schema, in which repositories of document and operation types are released, as well as a universal procedural API integrated into SrWebFramework components at the level of Groovy libraries.

SrWebExpress FrontEnd – WEB application runtime

The application provides 24/7 multi-user execution of dynamic WEB applications configured in the SrWebFramework environment. The user interface is divided into three parts:

  1. Upper system panel
  2. Modules and applications menu on the left
  3. The central part is where the selected menu item of the WEB application is executed

The application provides switching between modules and menu items of dynamic WEB applications, authorization and access control, as well as interaction with local peripherals.

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Application area
  • Creating a user WEB interface for CBS SrBank;
  • Creating alternative user WEB-interfaces for existing information systems
  • Easy creation of applications with elements of BPM systems;
  • Development of new user interfaces for other information systems:
    • visualization of remote banking systems, etc.
    • data marts for DWH;
    • monitoring of processes in billing systems;
  • Creating aggregator applications such as "Single operating window", "Single window of cash transactions" etc., integrating several product systems in a single user interface;
  • Developing corporate sites by expanding the presentation logic, information pages or functional fragments;
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Examples of using

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Business benefits of the system
  • Installation of a technological platform and quick commissioning;
  • Updating WEB applications without stopping the system, 24/7;
  • Reducing the time and cost of all stages of development by several times;
  • Ability to use ready-made Pl / Sql code when switching to an alternative user interface;
  • Ability to repackage existing systems in a new user interface;
  • Single point of system administration;
  • Transparency of the structure and logic of system objects, which simplifies support by the developer as well as the transfer of code and metadata from the developer to the customer and vice versa in XML format;
  • Possibility to start quick development of a WEB application prototype before the final business requirements are received without further loss of labor costs incurred.
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General technical architecture of the system

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SrWebFramework - platform for rapid web development